Monitor solar: Instalación y código fuente

Tras unos meses en funcionamiento finalmente me encuentro en condiciones de publicar el código fuente del monitor solar así como de explicar su puesta en marcha. Si te resulta interesante, tienes alguna sugerencia o tienes problemas con la puesta en marcha deja un comentario e intentaré echarte una mano.

Requisitos mínimos: 

  • Dispositivo con OpenWRT o un PC con Linux conectado al regulador TriStar MPPT (RS232 o Ethernet)
  • Servidor web con PHP y MySQL

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Outback Mate3 online monitor: Explanation and source code

After two months working without big problems and little problems corrected I'm going to release source code and explain how to set-up my monitor for Outback Mate3. This software can run in Windows, Mac, Linux and other systems. The only requirement is to have installed and working Python(version 2.7), Apache, MySQL and PHP.

For Windows and Mac OS X you can download XAMPP to get a full working installation of Apache, MySQL and PHP.  You can get Pythonfrom the official page. For Linux systems you can install all software directly from your distribution repository.

How software works?

The software is divided in three parts:

  • Python script for receive and manage Mate3 datastream.
  • PHP scripts for database records and query's.
  • HTML/JavaScript webpage for visual representation.

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Connect Victron BMV battery monitor to a computer

Months after I bought a Victron BMV-600S battery monitor I found out that you can connect it to a computer through serial port. In this post I'm going to explain how you can connect a BMV to a computer. My main idea it's connect it to a Raspberry Pi but the procedure it's the same for any PC with available USB ports. First we need an serial-usb adaptor. You can search for "usb serial to RS232 arduino" in eBay. I bought one that looks similar to this:

Serial-usb adaptor.

Once you have the adaptor the only thing you have to do is connect it in the appropiate way. Below I put a schematic as a guide. Notice that probably your adaptor will be different, so check the your adaptor instructions or look at the PCB silkscreen.

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Online monitor for Victron BMV-600S and BMV-602S: Installation and code

In this post I'm going to explain how to install my online monitor for Victron BMV-600S and BMV-602S battery monitor. To use it you need to connect your BMV to a computer, read this post to know how to do: “Connect Victron BMV battery monitor to a computer”.


  • Computer running Linux, Mac or Windows.
  • Python 2.7(Python 3.X not working)
  • PySerial installed.
  • Web server with PHP and MySQL.

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